The Opportunity Tab

New Ideas for Your Business Are Just a Tab Away

Get the most out of AdWords in the least amount of time with one-click access to keyword, bid, and budget ideas created just for you.

Get started with the Opportunities tab

The Opportunities tab can help you improve your AdWords account based on your specific business goals. The Opportunities tab provides keyword, budget, and bid ideas. Each idea from the Opportunities tab provides you with estimates for how the suggested change might affect your impressions, clicks, and costs, which takes some of the guesswork out of growing your business.
Step 1 : In your AdWords account, click on the Opportunities tab and choose a goal.
A. Balance cost and traffic
This is the default goal and the best overall strategy for getting a steady flow of customers to your website without dramatically increasing the amount of money you spend on AdWords. It’s also a good place to start if you’re new to online advertising.
B. Maintain or decrease cost
If you’re looking to save money during off seasons, this is the goal for you. You’ll get ideas on how to maintain a web presence, while keeping your advertising costs down.
C. Increase traffic
If you want to drive as many customers as possible to your website during special promotions, holidays, and peak seasons, choose this goal. Keep in mind your costs may increase along with your customer traffic.
Step 2 : See ideas for a campaign or an ad group, or for your entire account. Some campaigns may not have an idea now, but that could change in the future so keep an eye out.
Step 3 : Click on an idea to learn more about how it could affect your account. You’ll get
details on estimated impressions and clicks and see how the idea can impact your costs.
Step 4 : After reviewing the idea(s), you can edit them to better fit your business needs.
For example, with keyword ideas you can:
A. Assign the keyword to a different ad group, or group of ads.
B. Change the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid.
C. Or change the amount you’re willing to pay if someone clicks your ad.
For budget or bid ideas, you can always raise or lower the suggested values.
Step 5 : Once you’re done reviewing and editing, just click Apply to make a change in your account. If you’re not ready to make a change, you can save the idea or use the “Experiment” feature to test the idea for 30 days.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar
New opportunities pop up every few weeks so we suggest you schedule about 5 minutes every couple of weeks to check out the Opportunities tab and new ways to find more potential customers with AdWords

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