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Getting Started with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides you with insights on how potential customers found your website and what they did once they got there. With the information you get from Google Analytics, you can better understand how potential customers interact with your website and make changes that encourage them to stay, make a purchase, or contact you.

With Google Analytics, you get answers to key questions like:
1. How many people visited my website?
2. How much time did they spend on my site?
3. Did they find my site through Google, other search engines, or other websites?
4. Were they local, from other parts of the county, or other parts of the world?
5. Did they purchase something from my site, or take another desirable action?
6. And where did they leave my website?

Setting up Google Analytics
To track your AdWords ads, set up Google Analytics from your AdWords account. If you’re not using Google AdWords you can set up a Google Analytics account by visiting

Setting up Google Analytics from within your AdWords account
1. Click on the Reporting and Tools tab and select “Google Analytics” from the drop down list.
2. Select Create my free Google Analytics account and click Continue.
3. Enter the information about the website you plan to track with Google Analytics.
4. Accept the user agreement and click Create New Account.
5. Place the tracking code that appears here on every page of your website. If you don’t manage your own website or if you need help, contact your web developer

6. Click Save and Finish. Once the code is installed on all pages of your website, Google Analytics will collect data for reporting

Setting up Google Analytics independently of AdWords
1. Visit and select Sign up now.
2. Create your Google account or sign in with an existing AdWords or Gmail account. Then click Sign up.
3. Enter your website’s URL, a name to identify the report, your country and time zone. Then click Continue.
4. Enter your last and first name and country, then click Continue.
5. Accept the User Agreement, then click Create New Account.
6. Place the tracking code on every page of the website. If you don’t manage your own website or if you need help contact your web developer.
7. Click Save and Finish.

Top 3 Reports
The following three reports may provide you with useful insights:
1. The Visitors Overview report provides a nice snapshot of your website’s overall performance, with information like:
A. How many people visited your website and whether it’s their first time on your website
B. How many pages people looked at and how much time they spent on your website
C. The percentage of people who came to your website and left without exploring your website beyond the page that they landed on (also referred to as bounce rate)

2. The Location report shows you where your website visitors are located, such as the city, state or country. To access the report go to Visitors > Demographics.

3. If you are currently advertising with AdWords, you can find activity details on the visitors that found your website via your AdWords ad under Traffic Sources. The reports include campaigns, keywords and keyword positions so you can get a clear picture of how well your AdWords campaigns are performing

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