2. When should Monitoring Take Place

Time to Monitor

when should we conduct monitoring.


Always Monitoring is a continuous process that occurs throughout the life of a program or project


Number one: Monitoring start during the project design and planning

This means, to be most effective, Monitoring should be planned at the design stage of a program, with all the resources like time, money, and personnel that will be required calculated and allocated in the project or program


Number two: monitoring should be done during project implementation

This means project execution or activities. Monitoring should be conducted at every stage of the program implementation through data collection, analysis, and reporting


Usually about 7% of the total budget of the project is allocated to Monitoring and evaluation activities


Number three: monitoring can be done periodically like annually or mid of project implementation

This means you should proceed with daily monitoring, but you can also conduct monitoring at every end of year or mid of implementation.

Remember, this kind of monitoring should not interfere with day to day monitoring activities

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